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Customised, Industry Focused Keynotes, Lectures and Training

I don’t do canned presentations, but speak into specific topics with clearly defined outcomes.

The context is important, meaning every keynote, lecture or training is specifically designed to meet the needs of my clients built around the Twelve Themes.

Twelve Talks

What are the Twelve Themes?

Why Twelve?

Twelve holds significance across various domains.

It represents completeness, harmony, balance, and order in many traditions. In a business context, this can be reflected in creating a holistic approach to leadership and management, bringing completeness, harmony, balance & order.

Twelve is also divisible by multiple numbers (1, 2, 3, 4 and 6) making it versatile and adaptable. In business, versatility and adaptability are critical for the success you, your team and your business search for.

Twelve is an important mnenomic device aiding with memory and cognitive capacity. Its the number we use to help you break down complex strategies and process which aid employees grasp and implement more effectively, reducing overwhelm and enhancing productivity.

So what are Twelve Themes?

Twelve Themes is the framework and structure of the keynotes, lectures and training I deliver.

Each keynote, lecture and training is designed to meet my client’s needs and deliver Twelve outcomes.

These outcomes depend on the context and the needs of the client, which means each keynote, lecture and training will resonate and deliver maximum value.


Twelve Rules to Think Big, Focus Small, and Accelerate Growth

In a world that demands rapid growth and big dreams, Vic introduces a revolutionary approach that bridges the gap between grand aspirations and achievable milestones. “Think Big, Focus Small” is not just a mantra; it’s a methodology for those ready to catapult their personal and professional lives to new heights. Vic distils the essence of expansive thinking into 12 actionable rules, enabling you to navigate the journey from vision to reality with precision and agility. Embrace these principles and watch as your dreams unfold into tangible successes, one focused step at a time.

Twelve Laws of Leadership

Leadership is an art, and mastering it requires insight, courage, and a set of principles that stand the test of time and change. Vic’s “Twelve Laws of Leadership” offers a blueprint for aspiring and established leaders alike to inspire, influence, and innovate in today’s dynamic environment. These laws are more than guidelines; they are the pillars upon which transformative leadership is built. Engage with Vic’s visionary leadership laws, and prepare to lead with integrity, empathy, and unwavering determination.

Twelve Laws of Innovative Transformation

In the ever-evolving landscape of business and technology, staying ahead means embracing change. Vic’s “Twelve Laws of Innovative Transformation” are designed for those who dare to disrupt the status quo and lead their organizations into new frontiers. These laws provide a framework for understanding and leveraging the power of innovation to drive transformation. By adopting these principles, you’ll learn to navigate the complexities of change with confidence and creativity, ensuring your organization remains at the forefront of innovation.

Twelve Rules for Living a Positive, Happy, & Productive Life

Happiness, positivity, and productivity are not just states of being; they are the outcomes of living by certain rules. Vic’s “Twelve Rules for Living a Positive, Happy, & Productive Life” are crafted to guide you through the maze of life’s challenges and opportunities. These rules are your compass to a life that’s not only successful on the outside but also fulfilling and joyful on the inside. Embrace Vic’s insights, and embark on a transformative journey towards a brighter, more productive, and happier life.

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