How we can work together:

Over the past 25+ years, I have spoken to groups as small and intimate as 10 people to groups of 1000+, in 16 different countries.  This has included clients in the UK, South Africa, Oman Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Malaysia and the USA.

From industry conferences, summits and inhouse sales, management & leadership conferences, I have spoken in the financial services, legal, accounting, manufacturing, construction and automotive environments.

Typically, my keynotes include:

While the majority of my speaking has been done in the face-to-face environment, recent events have necessitated virtual events to be added.  So with a properly equipped home studio, I deliver these keynotes virtually via a multitude of platforms to suit your needs.

  • 20 – 45 minutes + Q & A if needed.
  • A 1-hour Neuroscience focus FLOW workshop
  • All sessions recorded and converted for podcast episodes
  • A copy of the recorded and edited keynote and workshop for attendees

Developing the SHIFT3 Edge

I am currently updating this information.  Please check back soon.

Creating a brain-based advantage

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Become the Change you want to see

This keynote is inspired by the famous quote often ascribed to Mahatma Gandhi.


I am an internationally recognised professional speaker and trainer

My primary focus is leadership and the impact leaders should be having on change and transformation with organisations.

I am an author, golf enthusiast and a sports fan.



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