Our Story

Before anything else, I am a husband, animal lover, sports fan, keen golfer (albeit fairly rubbish at the moment) and coffee drinker.

I am also fascinated by the workings of the human brain and how it functions, the science of human nature and how these intersect with leadership and management in the change environment.

My dream in business is to spend as much time as possible helping organisations and the people in those organisations change to become better than they are today.

This fascination and dream have enabled me to work with some amazing people and organisations and to travel extensively in this pursuit.

I have the privilege of working with clients in the cement, financial, legal, banking, air transport and manufacturing environments across the UK, as well as in Dubai, Oman, Malasia, Brunei, Singapore, South Africa, Canada, and the USA.

As a sports fan, I follow football (both types), cricket, rugby and a variety of motor sports.

So it may be that my dream and fascination for developing Change Leaders and your need for such leaders should intersect.

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I am an internationally recognised professional speaker and trainer

My primary focus is leadership and the impact leaders should be having on change and transformation with organisations.

I am an author, golf enthusiast and a sports fan.



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