Vic Williams Author Speaker Coach Founder of Twelve

About me

At my core, I embody several roles: a husband, a passionate animal lover, a sports enthusiast, and an avid golfer (though I admit my skills could use some significant improvement).

And, of course, I cherish my daily ritual of savouring a cup of coffee.

Beyond these personal interests, I’m endlessly intrigued by the intricate workings of the human mind and its interplay with the dynamics of human nature, particularly within leadership, management and business in general.

As someone who navigates the world with dyslexia and ADHD, I’m deeply invested in understanding how our brains operate, their influence on our professional and personal lives, and implementing effective strategies to navigate these complexities.

My entrepreneurial vision is rooted in a desire to catalyse positive change within organisations and nurture personal growth among their members.

These passions and aspirations have led me on a journey of collaboration with remarkable individuals and institutions, fostering enriching experiences and taking me across the globe.

My professional portfolio boasts engagements with diverse sectors including cement, finance, law, banking, aviation, and manufacturing, spanning regions from the UK to Dubai and Oman, from Malaysia to the USA and Canada and beyond.

Outside of work, my love for sport is boundless — from football to cricket, rugby to motorsports, including Formula 1 and MotoGP.

And amidst it all, there’s Smudge, my loyal canine companion, who I thought I rescued, but in truth, she rescued me.

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