All of my workshops are designed around these 3 core principles - Educate, Motivate, Empower. They focus on developing Leaders and Managers who are bold, innovate, inventive and are uncontstrained by failures and successes of the past. Whether a 1, 2 or more day workshop to your team, strategic leaders or line managers, these workshops blend practical processes, ideas and tools, with established, science based facts and engaging stories of succees and of failure.

Leading Effective Organisational Change in Complex Environments

This is my flagship change leadership workshop and has been attended by business leaders from around the world.

We recognise that all leadership is change leadership.  We also recognise that good change leadership is about moving forward and not being stalled by indecision.

Effective change leaders do 4 things well: They anticipate where business is moving in the future, they envision the changes needed to meet those changes, they make decisions which lead to that future and they create and sustain momentum through effective communication.

Change leaders also develop the skill to know when to be proactive and when to be reactive.

In this workshop, we explore the fundamental, practical skills that effective change leaders master in the complex, ever-changing business environment of the world today.

You will learn the skills of leadership and be challenged to develop yourself as a leader who is bold and innovative.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • The difference between change leadership and change management
  • A leaders role in changing an organisation
  • The 5 levels of leadership
  • What neuroscience research has discovered about your brain and its super-powers
  • How to move across the gap between strategy and empowered execution
  • The Psychology of Getting Things Done
  • How to create motivation momentum
  • How to make decisions faster
  • To delegate and get results
  • How to remain in the innovation zone

High Impact Change Leadership 

This High Impact Change Leadership workshop is designed to equip business and organisational leaders with the skills, strategies and tools for change leadership in a rapidly and continuously changing business environment and to be influential within and beyond the boundaries of the business or organisation.

It is designed to expose you to new ways of thinking, new ideas about strategy and new perspectives on old methodologies to ensure that you remain relevant and at the forefront of change leadership.

This workshop will unlock your potential and will challenge many old generational concepts of leadership.  It will put leadership in a modern context and will push you to think beyond the confines of the past.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Module 1 – Change Leadership in context and the leadership crisis
  • Module 2 – Forces which are influencing business today & the need for a real response; The future we want, the leadership we need
  • Module 3 – Leadership power and influence in context
  • Module 4 – What is High Impact Change Leadership?
  • Module 5 – What does High Impact Change Leadership look like?
  • Module 6 – High Impact Leadership capabilities and skills
  • Module 7 – Developing a mindset for innovation, communication and influence
  • Module 8 – Overcoming the barriers to change and to High Impact Change Leadership

Excellent course which would be applicable to large and small corporations.  

Taun Zaid

Kuala Lumpur

Leading Change in Human Resources

It’s the people in your organisation who make the biggest difference to the organisation and are therefore your greatest asset. And it is people, not product or service, who are most affected by change, hold change and transformation back and are the biggest positive contributors to change.

Unfortunately, most companies and organisations only bring the human resources team into the change equation after the strategy has been set and the direction of travel has been determined.

This is, however, changing as leadership is being developed withing HR teams and the fastest growing and dynamically changing companies are embracing this challenge.

This challenge is for HR Change Leaders to take a lead in changing themselves, changing the way in which HR functions and lead change by creating and delivering the necessary internal expertise needed to ensure the overall change and transformation is delivered.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Module 1 – Change Leadership in context and the leadership crisis
  • Module 2 – The new role of an HR department
  • Module 3 – Why HR should be the first to recognise the need for change and the primary lead for change
  • Module 4 – How to identify the needs, opportunities and risks within a complex environment
  • Module 5 – The difference between leading change and managing change in an HR context
  • Module 6 – High Impact Leadership skills and capabilities
  • Module 7 – Developing a mindset for influence and high impact
  • Module 8 – Overcoming the barriers to change in HR and in a complex environment

This course added an incredible amount to my way of thinking, especially strategic thinking and it should be an essential course from all senior managers.

Farid Ahmed Abn Eishaikh


Organisational Leadership in Disruptive Times

Business leaders in today’s disruptive, unpredictable, complex and accelerated (DUCA) world have entered a new era that requires different approaches and thinking to the past.  It is no longer sufficient for leaders to rely on the traditional methods of leading and doing business.

You need to be able to make decisions faster, better and more skilfully in a digitally enabled, highly connected and collaborative world.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Module 1 – The Leadership Challenge
    • Why we need great leaders in disruptive times
    • Understanding DUCA (Disruptive, Unpredictable, Complex and Accelerated)
    • Discover the 5 Levels of Leadership and how the impact on the success or failure of Leading in Disruptive Times
    • Discover how you can develop these levels within your organisation
  • Module 2 – The Environmental Challenge
    • Understand the key political, influence and network challenges facing business leaders today
    • Recognise the impact of these on decisions, vision and mission of the organisation
    • Understand the power in a network-driven environment
  • Module 3 – The Change Challenge
    • Understand culture and integration
    • Discover why change it is more challenging a digitally enabled environment and how you can turn that to your advantage.
    • Understand how disruption impacts your change process
    • Discover the neuroscience behind behaviours during change.

Change Management For Senior Managers

The senior manager’s role today is a constantly changing and evolving one.  Senior managers are expected to be strategic, operational and tactical about developing people, finding new opportunities for growth, manage ever-tighter budgets, deal with regulatory and legislative changes and ensure the business continues to run profitability.

They are expected to do this all in the context of a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world.

This means that today’s senior managers need to be fully involved in change and change management.  It can no longer be the domain of a single department but must encompass the entire management structure.

This course is designed to equip you and your management team with the knowledge and practical know-how to successfully manage change in this VUCA world.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Module 1 – Understanding the need for change
  • Module 2 – Creating the right environment for successful change
  • Module 3 – Developing the Strategic Rationale and framework to achieve the change vision
  • Module 4 – Deciding on the Operational requirements and the implementation process
  • Module 5 – Selecting the right Tactical approach for implementation
  • Module 6 – Monitoring, reassessment and readjustment.
  • Module 7 – Maintaining Momentum through the change in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous world (VUCA)


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