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Despite hundreds of years of study around the topic of leadership and it’s implications on people, nations, governments and business, there is no clear and definitive conclusion which everyone has bought into. Over the past hundred year or so many theories and ideas have emerged about leadership and the types of people who become leaders.  Many of these thoughts and ideas stand in direct contradiction to each other and while most have been rejected, discredited and others are too strictly defined to take into account individual personalities, there remain large swaths of people who still hang onto and attempt to adhere to them. These ideas, thoughts and theories have largely remained rooted in the ‘what’ of leadership rather than the ‘how’ of leadership.

Although more contemporary ideas and thoughts on leadership seem to have had a deeper scientific methodology supporting them while being flexible enough to account for individuals, they too, remain focused on the ‘what’ rather than ‘how to’.  Many authors focus on finding the answers to questions that have long been asked and not answered, instead of changing the question altogether.  The questions around leadership need to make a fundamental shift from ‘what’ type of questions to ‘how to’ type of question.  It is in asking and answering the ‘how to’ questions that sets the Audacious Leadership Academy apart from other training programs.

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Tier 1 - Introduction to Leadership

This course is designed at an introductory level for new and junior leaders, including an introduction to emotional intelligence in leadership.


Tier 2 - Developing your Leadership Potential

The focus here is on middle management and answers more detailed questions including an introduction to the impact of neuroscience on leadership

Tier 3 - Fulfilling your Leadership Potential

This course is aimed at C-Suite and senior executive leaders at an organisational level and includes dealing with organisational complexity and developing organisational resilience.

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