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Expert Interview with Rachael Howourth

Episode 19 Expert Interview with Ashley Leeds

Episode 19 of Vic’s Take On .
In this episode of Vic’s Take On, I have coach and practice growth expert to accountants Ashley Leeds as my guest. Ashley has been in sales for nearly thirty years and in that time he has worked in a variety of industries before settling for the complex world of accountancy 13 years ago. During this period he has met and spoken with many accountants from every size of practice and has built an enviable knowledge of the inner workings of these businesses.
Expert Interview with Rachael Howourth

Episode 16 Expert Interview with Rachael Howourth

Episode 16 of Vic’s Take On .
In this episode of Vic’s Take On, I have business leader and entrepreneur, Rachael Howourth as my expert guest.  We talked about Rachael’s perspective on what I am calling ‘The New World Of World.  What new skills sales professionals will need, what are the jobs which will change and how they will change.
Helen Lacey Interview

Episode 16 Interview with Helen Lacey

Episode 17 of Vic’s Take On .
In this episode of Vic’s Take On, I have a special guest business leader and entrepreneur, Helen Lacey. Helen started her business, Red Berry Recruitment, in 2007 which she grew to 3 branches covering Shepton Mallett, Yeovil and Bridgwater. In 2019, she sold 51% of the business to HRGO Plc and is now the Director heading up Shepton Mallett and Yeovil for HRGO Recruitment.
Podcast Cover Page Sarah Knight

Episode 18 Expert Interview with Sarah Knight

Episode 18 of Vic’s Take On .
In this episode of Vic’s Take On, I have recruiting expert, entrepreneur and business leader Sarah Knight as my guest. Sarah has worked in the recruitment industry for over 20 years and has been running her own business since 2005.  And in this episode, we talk about the New World of World in the recruitment space.

Episode 13 Interview with Vicki O'Neill

Episode 13 of Vic’s Take On .
In this episode, I speak with my first international guest on the podcast, Vicki O’Neill.  We had a fantastic time talking about her business and the move she made from the corporate environment to being self-employed.
Episode 14 Flattening the curve

Episode 14 4 Things you can do to flatten the curve

Episode 14 of Vic’s Take On .
Until a few weeks ago, I did the vast majority of my business outside of the UK.  Probably as much as 80% of my work was in countries like Oman, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Malaysia.  Obviously that meant a …..
Episode 15 Flatten The Curve

Episode 15 It's time to fight back

Episode 15 of Vic’s Take On .
This is the first episode of a series I will doing called the Fightback series.  We have all felt the effects of this novel virus which has swept the world and has wreaked havoc on economies, businesses, families and individuals.

Episode 10 A personal journey over the past few days

Episode 10 of Vic’s Take On .
The last few s have been fairly challenging for me as I have reflected on my past and some of the personal things which have occurred in light of the reports of suicide and bullying.

Episode 11 Interview with Andrew Ellis

Episode 11 of Vic’s Take On .
This is an inter with Drew Ellis who is the founder of Eyetoeye Digital & Like Minds Thought Leadership Platform.
I had a fantastic time chatting with Drew who has a fascinating background in the music and digital environments.

Episode 12 No one is born self-confident

Episode 12 of Vic’s Take On .
Have you ever gone to a meeting and the person running the meeting seems to easily make decisions without second-guessing themselves or there is a person who just seems to have the right answers every time?

Interview with Karen Skerratt

Episode 7 of Vic’s Take On .
This episode is an interview with Karen Skerratt owner of Exeter Gin and Exeter Street Food.  Karen is massively passionate about Exeter, what it offers and how her business can have an impact on the city.  This was another excellent interview.

Episode 8 Change your philosophy, change your mindset

Episode 8 of Vic’s Take On .
If you change your philosophy, you can change your mindset.  Change your mindset, change your attitude.  Change your attitude, change your actions.  Change your actions, change your results.

Episode 9 Interview with Tom Kennard

Episode 9 of Vic’s Take On .
This is a fascinating interview with Tom from Granted Consulting as we talk about grant funding and how it can be used by a business as a great and often overlooked form of funding.  It is a really good interview on this topic.

Episode 4 Training & Education for Leaders

Episode 4 of Vic’s Take On .
In this episode we talk about the importance of training and education for change leaders.  Education gives you knowledge and training gives you skills and both are vital if you want to become a great change leader. 

Episode 5 Developing a mindset for change

Episode 5 of Vic’s Take On .
In this episode we talk about change and the 10 things you can do to develop a mindset for change.  That is changing from a fixed mindset to a change mindset and developing the personal changes necessary for successful transformation.

Interview with Jo Manville

Episode 6 of Vic’s Take On is a fantastic interview with Jo Manville who is a self-employed VA (virtual assistant) and mum.  We talk about what a VA does, how she and her team do it and what the benefits are for business owners to make use of the services of a VA.

Interview with John Harvey

Episode 1 of Vic’s Take On and we talk all things networking with John Harvey – Super Connector.
John is the founder and owner of the Samphire Club, an invitation-only membership club focused on offering business owners and valuable networking opportunities.  

Interview with Tom Murphy

Episode 2 of Vic’s Take On

and we talk change leadership with Recruitment firm owner Tom Murphy.
Tom is the founder and director of Aptus Personnel in Melbourne Australia.

Interview with Daryl Fulls

Episode 3 of Vic’s Take On

and today I am in conversation with Daryl Fulls MD of Newton Abbott cased Scribble & Ink.
This is a fascinating discussion with unique ideas around leadership, change and business in general.


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