Episode 14

Flattening the curve – 4 Things you can do when working from home

Until a few weeks ago, I did the vast majority of my business outside of the UK.  Probably as much as 80% of my work was in countries like Oman, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Malaysia.  Obviously that meant a large amount of airline travel, in and out of airports, dealing with customs officials, living out of a suitcase and eating hotel food.
As a professional speaker, it meant standing on stages in various countries speaking with crowds from 80 to 2000 people on my core topics of Change and Change Leadership.  As a trainer, it meant being in a training venue with anything from 5 to 40 delegates discussing topics from Change Management and Business Process Re-Engineering to Selling Skills and Leadership.  And as a consultant, it meant sitting in the boardrooms of large, multi-nationals or in a small business owner’s office, discussing strategy for change and transformation.
Well, all that has changed and while some of it may come back in the next few months, the majority of the planned work for this year is gone forever.  But, as we know the same is true for most businesses in most countries around the world as we deal with this pandemic now sweeping the world.  And so many people will if not already, will shortly be working from and for many people, they will be self-isolating due to symptoms of this virus.
And so, I thought in this episode, I would look at a slightly different angle rather than what is becoming the norm. 
So today I want to chat about Flattening the curve and 4 things you can do to help, while at the same time saving your sanity and consequently yourself.
Be truthful with yourself, your family, your friends, your company and your clients, if you deal directly with clients.
You will need to be disciplined in a way that is very different from the disciple you apply at work.  I have worked from home for a large part of my working career and know that it takes on a different level of discipline to that at the office.
Work in short, focused sessions and take regular breaks.
Remain connected.  Isolation does not have to mean isolated.
To find out more about how I can help you and your company during this challenging time please email me directly vic@vicwilliams.net

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