Twelve Network is networking done the right way

There are many ways to network, and we believe TwelveNetworking™️ is the right way.

Since 2017, LinkedIn Local South West has been one of the most prominent networking events in the South West of England. We have seen over 2500 people attend our events across Exeter, Taunton, Torquay, Plymouth and Cornwall.

At the centre of everything we have done, has always been the people and human-to-human connections we make. And that will always remain our focus. These events are about you.

However, I have always believed there is space to add more value to these events and with that, a name change.


Twelve Network

What is TwelveNetwork™️?

Twelve Network is the new name of LinkedIn Local South West.

It will remain the same friendly, business-focused, interactive networking environment it has always been, but with many new added value online and offline opportunities.

We will continue to build on the valuable and trusted business relationships and will maintain connections with students through the universities and colleges in the South West but with more added value.

What is the added value?

We will be adding new and exciting events to the calendar over the coming weeks and months all of which are aimed at helping you develop better connections, relationships and to grow your knowledge.

One of these exciting event is the Twelve Awards. (To find out more click this link).

Check out our events calender

To find out more about our upcoming and future events, click the link below to access the events calendar.