Episode 8

Change your philosophy, change your mindset

So what is mindset and can you change yours?

Mindset is a mental attitude that determines how you interpret and respond to situations you encounter.  It is the preconceived ideas you have for the potential outcome in any given situation or set of actions.  So, for example, if the government increases the tax rate on business, some people will see it as a disaster, while other people will see it as an opportunity to operate leaner and meaner.  These differing viewpoints are due to conditioning and preconceptions, and that is due to a mindset.

Another definition of mindset is a lens or frame through which the mind orientates us toward a particular set of circumstances, associations and expectations.

You may have heard people say this person has a positive mindset or that person has a negative mindset.  If you look at the results of their actions and the effect they have on those around them, you see a clear correlation to their way of thinking or mindset and the outcomes they achieve.

Over the past 30 years or so a huge amount of research has been done regarding mindset, the mind, thoughts, etc with Professor Carol Dweck at the forefront of some of that research.  Much of the research shows that generally in terms of ability, skill, product, service, etc, there is often very little difference between one entrepreneur, business person and another.  The big differentiation between the massively successful entrepreneur and those who are not, between the great employee and the not so great employee, is mindset.

The attitude toward everything which determines actions and results.

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Vic Williams

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