Episode 6

Interview with Jo Manville – Super VA

Jo Manville is a self-employed Exeter based VA with a national and international reach.

This interview with Joanne Manville was so much fun to do because I learned so much about the role of a VA (virtual assistant for the uninformed) and we laughed a fair amount.  
It was also interesting from the perspective of someone who has started their own business and works collaboratively with other self-employed people to achieve a common goal.  
So Jo is obviously a self-employed VA who has been in the business of supporting senior executives for the past few years and has extensive experience in that environment prior to becoming self-employed.
The key things that stood out for me in this interview were the 3 areas core reasons businessmen and women should make use of a VA:
  1. Outsource first the things you don’t like doing
  2. Outsource the things you are not very good at
  3. Outsource the things you don’t have time for
Great advice and likely advice I need to listen to!

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Vic Williams

Joanne Manville

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