Episode 5

Developing a Mindset for Change

by | Feb 10, 2020 | Change, Mindset, Podcast | 0 comments

As a change leadership consultant, speaker and trainer, I often hear M.D’s, CEO’s Directors, Business Owners and managers talking about the need for change in their organisation or business.

And I have been witness to the aftermath of fairly disastrous change management efforts, particularly those facilitated by some highly paid experts.  And of course, we have all heard the big stories of companies that have failed to implement the changes needed to survive their disrupted environment.

From the famous stories around Blockbuster Video to Nokia, from Kodak to Pierpoint Langley’s attempts at building a flyable aircraft.  Or we could talk about Yahoo or Blackberry.  If you are in the UK, you could add names like Woolworths, Maplin and Toys ‘R Us.

And to be fair, the list would be extensive, but these companies and many others around the world have on the face of it got to a point because they have either failed to implement change fast enough or they have failed to see the changes that needed to be made.

And of course, we are all aware, we live in a world which never stands still.  A world that is disruptive, unpredictable, complex and accelerated.

So you need a different mindset if you are to be successful in your change process.  And in this podcast, I outline 10 things you can do to develop a mindset for change.

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