Episode 4

Change Leaders Understand the need for Knowledge & Training

In this episode I share some ideas from my personal experience of the value inherent in continual training and education for leaders and in particular for change leaders.
Training is the practice of developing skills and education is the practice of acquiring knowledge and as a leader, you need both.
You can become educated on any subject by, for example, the books you read and there are thousands of really excellent books on the market which contain nuggets of information that can transform your experience as a leader.  
Books like Leaders Eat Last (Simon Sinek), Rebel Ideas (Matthew Syed) or Team of Teams (Stanley McCrystal).  There is also my own book, Audacious Leadership.
But training to is important as it should take that knowledge and transform it into workable skills.  and training can come in the form of classroom training, coaching or mentoring.
So in this episode, I share a story from my military career which gave me an invaluable perspective in this regard.

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Vic Williams

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