Episode 18

Expert Interview with Sarah Knight

In this episode of Vic’s Take On, I have recruiting expert, entrepreneur and business leader Sarah Knight as my guest. Sarah has worked in the recruitment industry for over 20 years and has been running her own business since 2005. 
Sarah personally manages Management/Senior Management and Executive level recruitment projects – the rest of the Sarah West Recruitment team manage office, sales, marketing and technical recruitment up to this level. I have known Sarah for a few years, but have recently have developed and closer business relationship and have over this period come to see Sarah as not only a top-class businesswomen and entrepreneur, but also as a caring, fun-filled person. 
We have had some great laughs over the past few months and I am sure you will see that in this chat. I have also come to recognise Sarah as a deeply thoughtful and driven person and I am sure you will learn a huge amount from this great interview.

Hosts & Guests

Vic Williams

Sarah Knight

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