Episode 16

Expert Interview with Rachael Howourth

by | May 22, 2020 | Change, Interviews, Sales | 0 comments

In this episode of Vic’s Take On, I have business leader and entrepreneur, Rachael Howourth as my expert guest.  Rachael spent 17 years of her career with automotive market leader, Auto Trader Plc, where she held a number of Sales Manager and Director roles. Most recently, Rachael ran a team of 60 sales staff, achieved a revenue budget of £97million and played a significant role during the year Auto Trader went through IPO and became a Plc.
Rachael now uses her skills and experience to train businesses on Sales Strategy, Consultative Selling, Building High-Performance Teams and Sales Pipeline Success.  
I have known Rachael for about 6 years and have recently spent every weekday morning co-hosting the Empowerment Group with our friend Ashley Leeds (who will be on the show in a few days time).  I have grown to know and understand the business she has developed and have come to recognise her as an expert in the field of sales, management and leadership.
In this interview, we talked about Rachael’s perspective on what I am calling ‘The New World Of World.  What new skills sales professionals will need, what are the jobs which will change and how they will change.  It was a fascinating discussion and I know you will get massive value from it.

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