Episode 13

Interview with Vicki O’Neill

In this episode, I speak with my first international guest on the podcast, Vicki O’Neill.  We had a fantastic time talking about her business and the move she made from the corporate environment to being self-employed.
For me, it is an inspirational and empowering interview and I think you will gain a huge amount from the interview, so much so that I am hoping to have Vicki back on the show in a few month’s time.
Vicki O’Neill is a Fractional CMO whose passion is helping small business owners and leaders achieve success through consistent, action-driven marketing strategies. Vicki started her own business, KenKay Marketing, in 2011 as a ‘side hustle’ to fulfill ad hoc marketing requests. She turned it into a full-time marketing consulting business in 2018 and helps business leaders go from ‘plateau to grow’ with strategic marketing specifically targeted to reach business goals. She reminds business owners and leaders to continue working their ‘why’ and leave the marketing passion to Vicki and her 20+ years of marketing and sales experience.
You can find Vicki actively posting and engaging in conversations on LinkedIn and Twitter where she shares content, videos and tips on how to create a better marketing presence.
Vicki also hosts the Connect the Dots podcast to help busy marketing and sales leaders connect the dots between marketing and other teams in the organization.

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Vicki O’Neill

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