Episode 12

No One Is Born Self-Confident

Today I want to talk with you about self-confidence in business, in leadership, in management and in life.
Have you ever gone to a meeting and the person running the meeting seems to easily make decisions without second-guessing themselves or there is a person who just seems to have the right answers every time?
Or you have attended a conference or a networking meeting and the person on the stage or in the front seems super comfortable in their own skin?
These and so many other people seem to have a supreme level of confidence in themselves and their abilities.  They appear not to be put off by challenges or difficult questions or situations.
In fact, you will find that most good entrepreneurs and leaders are like this.  They have this high level of self-confidence and on some occasions, it can appear as over-confidence.
So how can you get this thing if you can?  Is self-confidence something you are born with or is it something you can develop?  Is it something that is inherent in certain types of people?  Are leaders naturally endowed with this ability?  And is there and age at which self-confidence dies?
I think it was Denis Waitley who said, ‘No one is born with self-confidence.  Self-confidence is learned and earned with experience.’
So let us have this discussion.
It would be great to hear from you, so please leave a comment where you listen to this podcast and give me your feedback on this.

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Vic Williams

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