Episode 11

Interview with Andrew Ellis

Drew Ellis is the founder of Eyetoeye Digital & Like Minds Thought Leadership Platform with a very interesting background.

I had a fantastic time chatting with Drew who has a fascinating background in the music and digital environments and shared so many stories that we have decided to do a second recording fairly soon.
There are number of things which stood out in this interview for me which I think every business person can learn from.  These include:
  • The harder I work, the luckier I become
  • You have got to put yourself in the position for things to happen to you
  • Stories are important
  • There are high’s and low’s in business, both of which you need a solution for
  • Crafting your message specifically for your audience is critical
  • Collaborations are key to success
A fascinating interview which I think you will gain a massive amount from.

Hosts & Guests

Vic Williams

Drew Ellis

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