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My books, journals and planners all focus on the central theme of what I do and that is to Educate, Motivate and Empower you with knowledge, inspiration and motivation.

ReThink Vic Williams Author Dyslexic ADHD


Your thoughts produce your mindsets which lead to your attitudes. Attitudes create habits and habits produce actions. And actions are the only things that can deliver results.

Exceptional Minds, Extraordinary Lives Vic Williams Dyslexia ADHD

Exceptional Minds, Extraordinary Lives

The 8 Mindsets of Dyslexic, ADHD & Autistic Change Makers, Innovators, Leaders and Mavericks

Igniting Potential Vic Williams Dyslexia ADHD

Igniting Potential

The Neuroscience of Decoding Flow & Empowering Change Makers, Innovators, Leaders, and Mavericks

The Multiplier Effect Vic Williams Dyslexic ADHD

The Multiplier Effect

Turning small habits into massive momentum for Change Makers, Innovators, Leaders & Mavericks.