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The time has come for you to recognise that you are good enough.  Its time move away from self-doubt.
You already have all the superpowers you need to be the best you can be.
PFA 005: Show notes
On today’s show, we will be talking about recognizing that you are good enough and you can overcome self-doubt.
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But before we get into the show, I have had some great feedback about the last episode with Evan Carmichael.  So if you haven’t listened to it, I encourage you to go back and listen, as Evan shares some great ideas and insight which I know will help you move forward in your life, to grow and become all you were designed to become.
I have also been getting a bunch of emails from listeners who have shared their stories with me and so please keep those coming.  It is great to hear from you and about your story of overcoming the challenges you have faced.
Coming up in future episodes I will be featuring interviews with people from all over the world, including Mack and Ria Story from Atlanta, Troy Stellingwerff from Ontario Canada, Anna McAfee from Australia and Lolly Daskal who is based in the New York area to name just a few.
You see I believe that you will always get 100 % of the things you don’t ask for.  So I asked and it is amazing how successful people are willing to give their time and expertise to see this show become a success.
Here is the link to Evan’s interview if you have not yet listened to it.
So today’s episode picks up from what I was talking about a few moments ago.
Many people said to me, ‘You are just some new kid on the block in terms of podcasting and interviewing people for the show.  You have no audience, you have no credibility, so no-one will want to be interviewed by you.’
Actually one person said to me, ‘Vic you are not good enough to make this work.’
Fortunately, I know, I have the decision about what I am good enough to do and to make work.  So I compiled a list of the people I would like to have on the show, none of whom I knew and except for Evan, had never engaged with any of them before.  Then I put together a short message explaining who I am, what I am doing and what I would like from them.
And just before hitting the button to send the individual messages, I had to overcome that ‘you are not good enough’ feeling.
Has everyone I reached out to come back with a positive answer?
Obviously not.  Some people have been very positive in their responses and as you would have heard from the interview with Evan and will hear in future interviews, we have a great time chatting and developing ideas, etc.
Other people have simply ignored my request and that is OK.  It doesn’t mean I am not good enough.  All it means is that I am not in their agenda right now.
You see when I overcame that feeling of not being good enough, things changed.  I have many great interviews lined up for the show.
But here is what I have noticed.  These feelings you have of not being good enough is the very thing which is holding you back from proving you are good enough.  Break that feeling and transform your life.  I have seen this so often over the years observing people and the words they speak of themselves.
When I recorded the first episode of the Prepare For Awesome show, it took about 15 attempts to get it right after procrastinating for weeks and using every excuse under the sun.  Because I felt I was not good enough nor was the show I was trying to put together.  But then I realised that those were the thoughts and feeling which were preventing me from getting where I want to get to.
And suddenly, it was like I awoke from a #dream.
What I am encouraging you to do, is to wake up and realise that you are good enough to be the best you possibly can be.
Does this mean I am now suddenly the best interviewer there has ever been?  Absolutely not.
Does it mean that my podcast will be massively successful?  Of course not.
But what it does mean is that I have given myself the opportunity to get better at what I do.  I have given myself the opportunity to develop new skills, grow in my understanding of who I am and what I am capable of becoming in this space.  My ability to believe in who I am, has gone through the roof, it has lifted me in every other area of my life as well and it could be the same for you to.
It is empowering to overcome this extremely self-limiting kind of #beliefs.
So how you get through and move past these belief, these thoughts, and the inherent feeling of self doubt?
Firstly, it is important to recognise that it is your belief about yourself.  Generally it comes from you trying to compare yourself with other people and believing you fall short of where they are.
What most people fail to understand is the person they are comparing themselves with, has had or still has their own struggles to get where they are.  They too would have been through the process of not feeling good enough.  Of not believing in themselves.
But, at some point they made a decision and overcame that same challenge you are going through right now.
A quote I saw recently said, ‘Sometimes the hardest part of the journey is simply believing you’re worthy of the trip.’  Getting over this is the hardest part and makes all the difference.
And that is the second part of the process.  Make a #decision.  Decisions can be incredibility powerful and without making a decision to do the things you want to do, to learn what you need to learn, to risk failure, you will never be in a position to show yourself that you are good enough.
You are the person who holds the key which unlocks the door to your self worth and your potential.  No-one else even knows where that key is, let alone knows where to find the lock to the door.
Only you and that key is your decision.  A decision can unlock the door of belief in you and behind that door is your self-worth.  Behind that door is your power and ability to become you, not the version of you other people think you are.  Not the version of you that self-doubt tells you that you are.  The decisions you make will give you the opportunity to find the real, confident you.
Make the decision firstly that you are not nor will you ever be prefect.  Recognise your humanity and imperfections.  Perfection is in itself a limiting belief, because perfection is not possible.  And by making the decision to accept your imperfections and your humanity, you will find the freedom to become great.
Make the decision to believe in yourself and the inherent abilities you have within you.
Everything starts with believing in yourself.  In who you are, what you are capable of becoming, what you are capable of accomplishing, what you are capable of changing in the world around you and within yourself.
Once you have decided to believe in who you are, then decided what it is you need to do next and then after that what are the next 3, 4, 5 steps in the process of getting you where you want to be.
Decide what the actions are you need to be taking to get the ball rolling and then to keep it rolling.
You may need to learn new skills.  Decide what it is you need to learn and how you are going to get that information.  When I made the decision to begin podcasting, I could barely pronounce the word, let alone understand what it was that I would needed to do to be successful, but having made the decision, I began searching for the solutions and methods I needed and hey presto, here we are.
Now when I was chatting with some one recently about this, they said to me, ‘Vic, I could never do that.  I am to old and remember you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!’
Firstly that is an insult to and old dog and secondly, if I at 54 can learn all of this tech stuff and learn from the mistakes I have made along the road, anyone can do it.  Over the last 7 year, I have learned how to build websites, create videos, do webinars and now create podcasts.  I have learned and continue to learn how to use various social media channels and recently began to learn and understand the telecom’s environment.
Am I, therefore, better than you?  No.
All I have done is made a decision and learned what I needed to learn.
Which leads me to the third step in this process, which is actions.  Without taking action, your decisions are worthless and the door remains closed.  Actions prove how committed you are to making your decisions a reality.  The actions you take will help to further dispel the negative thoughts which linger in the back of your mind.
The actions you take should be driven by the decisions you have made and the information you have learned.  Create and follow an action plan if that helps you, but make sure you do every day those tasks you need to do to get you where you want to go.
And then re-define failure.  Look at failure from the perspective of the event failing, not you as a failure.  And when things do go wrong, don’t dwell on the wrongness for a day, a week and month.  Find the solution, change the plan, look at the other options as quickly as possible.  That will keep your momentum going.
Don’t beat yourself up when things don’t go the way you hoped they would go.
You have made a decision, stick with it and ride it out.
Remember you are here on this planet until you go.  You can either live that time with purpose or you can get to the end of you life and wonder why you were here.
The fact is that no one is doing better than you because no one can do better than you.  Only you can be you.  Therefore only compare yourself to yourself.
You have within you everything you need to be great at being you.  You are good enough to be that and you can get better at being that.
So that it for this episode.  Thanks for listening.  I look forward to chatting with you again in the next episode.
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Thanks again for your time today and I look forward to chatting with you on the next episode where I will again share with you ideas, tips and tools to help you become the best version of yourself you could possibly be.
Have a great day.  And remember to be awesome today.
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