“Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.” Charles Swindoll

When I came across this quote a few years ago, it got me thinking. I am a people observer and spend some time watching how they respond and react to situations that present themselves. I have come to realise through these many years of observation that attitude has far more significance than the facts of the situation. The facts are obviously important and relevant that is indisputable. However each individual’s attitude towards dealing with the facts make an incredible difference to the consequences and impact of those facts.
I have watched so many peoples face similar sets of circumstances, with different outcomes and the only difference is attitude. Recently two different clients faced largely the same circumstances. Both were given almost identical advice, change or risk losing everything. The CEO of one firm decided the advice, though good, was not what he wanted to hear and did nothing. Last I heard the business is in a worse state and many employees are jumping ship. The second firm, took the same advice and are thriving.

The difference? Attitude!

Many years ago two people I know very well had to deal with a horrendous type of crime committed against each of them individually. Almost identical crimes with similar outcomes. Both survived, one became a reclusive, fear filled wreck and the other became a successful self-employed photographer.

The difference? Attitude!

The fact is we cannot change the things that happen but we can change the way in which we respond or react to them. We can’t change circumstances but we can change our attitude.
“The struggle you fight with today is the only thing that can build your strength for tomorrow”
Most people just hope to get through the day and don’t learn from or grow through the struggles they face daily. Here is a fact; we all face struggles and challenges every day, some are of greater consequence or impact than others, so learn the lesson, choose to grow, change your attitude and move on.

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