Audacious Leadership Tier 1

Tier 1 – Introduction To Leadership


Foundation – How to become a great leader

Why become a leader?

What is leadership?

Leadership styles and their implications


Leading Self

• Where are you now?  Assessing your personal capabilities and current capacity

• Where do you want to be?

• Developing a personal vision

• How will you get there?  Leadership roadmap.  Creating a personal development plan

• Establishing credibility through self-leadership

• 4 Cornerstones

– Your philosophy

– Your values

– Your attitude

– Your actions

• Finding your voice

• Introduction to Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

• How personality influences your leadership


Leading through Function

• Developing function awareness

• Developing a function vision

• Leading a team

• The fundamentals of great communication

• Dealing with challenging people

• Having difficult conversations

• Introduction to skillful delegation – Delegation at a functional level


Tier 2 – Developing your leadership potential

What is the difference between leadership and management?


Leading Self

• Introduction to leadership and neuroscience

• Introduction to leading on purpose with intent

• Increasing personal growth and performance

Leading through Function

• Developing Flexibility

• Designing a team from the start

• Creating team culture

• Embracing innovation

• Leading through change

Leading Leaders

• Understanding leadership politics

• Communication – The next level

• Influence and persuasion

• Leading through collaboration

• Herding cats

• Delegating to Leaders

Leading Organisations

• Setting organisational direction

• Articulating long term vision

• Dealing with organisational complexity

• Developing a culture of organisational innovation and inventiveness

Developing New Leaders

• Developing a leadership succession strategy

• Building and maintaining a coaching relationship

Audacious Leadership Tier 2
Great Leadership

Tier 3 – Fulfilling Your Leadership Potential

When leadership becomes a lifestyle

Leading Self

• The Neuroscience of leadership

• Developing resilient adaptability and agility

Leading through Function

• Encouraging innovation

• Building diversity

• Leading across boundaries

• Leading with impact

• Leading internal and external stakeholders

Leading Leaders

• Creating context

• Leading beyond power and authority

Leading Organisations

• Dealing with environmental complexity

• Leading with strategic intent

• Leading in a 21st Century, connected environment

• Developing organisational resilience

• Purpose, intent, results

• Organisational Delegation

Developing New Leaders

• Leaving a lasting legacy – A retention program for finding, developing and retaining future Tier 3 leaders

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