I first met Daniel through a mutual acquaintance via LinkedIn and have been inspired by his story of business success despite losing everything during the 2008 financial crisis.

From living the proverbial dream in California as a property agent with a six figure income, to being forced into moving back to London and working in a tiny grocery store, Daniel story is one of overcoming the odds and never giving up.

Daniel could have done what so many people do every day when circumstances change.  They give up!  It is a common story we hear every day.  Don’t get me wrong, having been through tough times in business and personally, it is incredibility stressful and most often is a very emotional time.  Thought processes and decision making ability generally become confused, erratic and in same cases outrageous.

And it is easy to give up.  Give up on business, family, friends and on yourself.

Daniel Gefen Never Give Up

Fortunately, Daniel never gave up.  He fought to stay in the game and eventually has come through.  Like so many inspiring and successful business people around the world, Daniel worked not only hard, but smart.

What I have seen though, is there are generally 3 type of responses to this type of inspiring story.

The first is from those people who watch the video, are inspired by the content and become determined to rewrite their own story.  They most often are the people who become the next generation of success stories.

The second group are those who will either watch the entire video or a part of it, but will go away believing that their life or business can’t turn around.  They are not able to draw any inspiration or encouragement from Daniel or anyone else’s story.  That attitude is guaranteed to result in failure.  Most people in this group have already in their minds given up.

The third group are those who will either watch a part of the video or only read the description, before making up their mind that there is nothing to learn here.  This group will often write comments which no one really cares to read or which are designed to ridicule or mock.

The question is, will you be inspired by Daniel’s story and make a success of the future or do you fall into the 2nd or 3rd group?

If you want to contact Daniel or find out more about his business, here are the links:

Daniel Gefen’s website

Get Featured

Jet Virtual

Please free to leave your comments in the space provided below.  It would be great to hear your story of overcoming.

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