How committed are you to your business success?

When I recently came across this video online, it got me thinking.  Firstly, like most people who have watched it, I thought, ‘You would not catch me doing that in a million life times.”  Just watching this video is exciting enough for me!

The second thought I had was about business and leadership.  Kelly McGarry, the recently deceased New Zealand rider in the video, had to be fully committed to what he was doing to ensure he arrived at the end safely.  There were a few occasions where he clearly went off course, but recovered to continue.  There was also more than one seriously high drop he had to make, but the complete backflip over a 70 foot void, was incredible.  All of this in less than 3 minutes!

It reminded me of the risks, challenges and opportunities we face in business every day.  Like Kelly’s ride, it takes commitment to be successful.  There will be headwinds and risks.  There will be disruptive circumstance.  There will decisions made by others over which we have little or no control.  We will go off track occasionally and end up riding through the scrubby bush.  This is life and business.

The question is though, will any of these knock you permanently off course and cause you to lose hope?  Or is your commitment to your business and your future strong enough that you will not allow headwinds and circumstances to knock you back?  Is your commitment strong enough that even if there is an off course moment, you quickly and effectively get back on track?

For businesses in the UK, the recent vote to leave the EU, known as Brexit, is a disruptive force over which most individuals, including business owners, have little to no control.  However, those that will succeed through this period, no matter how long the disruption may last, are those that are committed to the success of their business and have the right attitude toward the headwind.  What, as a business owner, director, shareholder, etc, is your attitude and commitment to your success and the success of your business?

I recently spoke with a business owner, who is so consumed with anger and bitterness about the vote that he has not been able to focus on his business, which has consequently already showing signs of decline.  What a waste!  What he should be doing is looking for and focusing on the opportunities that every headwind brings.

So like Kelly, will you be committed to your goal or will you fail?

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