Interview with Evan Carmichael.

This is an interview I did with Evan Carmichael via YouTube Live.

Evan is an entrepreneur and author who lives in Toronto Canada and is recognised as one of the top 100 Leadership Speakers by Inc Magazine.

Evan is the author of ‘YOUR ONE WORD.  The powerful secrets to creating a business and life that matter.’  You can get a copy by follow this link.

It does not take long before it becomes obvious that Evan has a passion for small business and entrepreneurs.  As I chatted with him, both before and during the interview, I was so impressed by the sincerity of his dream and the drive he has to make it a reality.

That goal is to help 1 billion entrepreneurs through his website.  Awesome goal.

Evan’s top 10 rule for explosive small business growth are:

  1. Believe!
  2. Pursue Passion.
  3. Follow Through.
  4. Start.
  5. Surround Yourself With Success.
  6. Create a Morning Routine.
  7. Build a Team.
  8. Model Success.
  9. Work to Learn.
  10. Quantity to Quality.

You can find out more about Evan and what he does by visiting  The website is full of fantastic stories and motivational videos.


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