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PFA 011: Show notes
On today’s show, we will be talking about becoming hungry for a full life, well lived.
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When I was growing up, and I know most of you can relate to this, I remember so many occasion when my father or mother would say no to something I wanted in a shop or somewhere I wanted to go, or whatever it was they were saying no to at the time.
I am sure you can probably remember many such occasions from your childhood.
And I remember on many of those occasions thinking, ‘I can’t wait until I am 16 and can leave home and then I can make my own decisions.’  Or ‘I can’t wait until mom gets home. She will say yes.’ Or ‘I can’t wait to have my own money, then I can buy anything I want.’
Later in life, after I had left home and joined the Air Force and of course was now earning my own money, I would think, ‘I can’t wait until I am a corporal, then at least I will earn more and have money to spend.’
Again I am sure many of you have had these types of conversations with yourself on many occasions throughout your life.
And what actually sparked this discussion was while waiting at the pedestrian crossing for the lights to change, I overheard a couple speaking.  It was the last day of school before the summer holidays and most of the kids were already out and about.
The man turned to the women and his words were what started this train of thought for me and ultimately this discussion.  ‘I can’t wait for the summer holidays to be over because these kids are driving me mad already!’ he said.
I could not see his face and his tone did not sound angry or out of control, so he may have said it in jest, although he may have been serious about it.
However, it got me thinking about this idea of ‘I can’t wait for XYZ.’  You know what I mean.
I can’t recall who the author was, but some years ago read  this statement, ‘Most people spend so much time wishing their lives away, waiting for a time, an event, an occasion, in their lives and forgetting that life is for living today not for waiting.’
And that is the point right there.  Life is for living not for waiting.
Again recently, while going through a rough patch in the business, I caught myself uttering those words to my wife.  ‘I can’t wait to be through this, because then we can ….’
But here’s a thing.  Your life and mine are always on going and there will always be rubbish stuff to get through.  There will always be life and life is messy sometimes.  In fact, life is full of lumps and bumps.  Some are big and some you hardly notice, but there is no smooth road through life.
People say no.  Clients let you down.  Salaries don’t meet the household budget.  People die and children are born.  Summer holidays come around and there are snow days.  Cars breakdown and people disappoint you.
But we can’t spend our lives wishing it were all different.  It is life!  And you have to live it.  The rough and the not so rough.  The big wave and the small.
I know I have said this before and will say it in the future, but you are here until you go.  You have life, you may as well live it for all it is worth.
Now don’t get me wrong.  I am not talking about living out of control or with wild abandon.  I am not advocating recklessness, foolishness or losing your morals or ethics.  I am not saying live an abusive life.
But rather that you be hungry for a life that is full and rich and is lived well.  A life that every day adds value to those around you and to you.
Not one that is miserable or tears down, but that is a joy to live and builds up.
So what does it mean to live well and how does it affect you when you do live well?
Most people, if asked what does living well mean, would likely conjure up an image spending lazy days on a snowy white beach on some tropical island, drinking exotic cocktails and wondering what to do tomorrow.  You may have an image in your mind of a well-honed, chiseled body instead of the flabby, out of shape one you currently have or living well may mean a healthy bank balance and a great big house to wander around in.
For some people it is a stable job, an average income and a one week a year holiday in an overcrowded resort in Spain, while for someone else it may be a large family that gets together every year for Christmas and stays in contact throughout the year via social media or telephone calls.
Now I am not talking from the perspective of empirical evidence, but these are typically the answers I get when I ask the question, ‘What does it mean to live well?’
And while all of these are what may be described as outcomes of living well, do they define a life well lived?
As I mentioned earlier, life is for living and living means acting.  Living well means participating in your life intentionally and with passion.  It means getting involved in your own life with both your head and your heart and then giving it all you have.
Life is more than just existing from day to day.  It is about being fully committed to even the most mundane daily tasks.
French philosopher, Voltaire said, ‘God gave you the gift of life; it’s up to you to give yourself the gift of living well.’
Irrespective of your religious beliefs here is the simple fact, you have the gift of life.  And as long as you draw breath, that life has value and that value is expressed by you living well.
Living well is an attitude.  It’s making the most of where you are and with what you have.  It has very little to do with education, personal or family wealth and nothing to do with social status or rank.
So let’s say you are in a really lousy job that you hate, earning minimum wage and are surrounded by negative, complaining people all day.  How do you live well in that space?
Like I said, it’s about attitude and a quote, which ascribed to many different people say, ‘The way you do one thing, is the way you do everything.’
So if you are earning minimum wage in a job your hate, change your attitude and put in the effort as if you are earning the maximum wage and think of the job as the opportunity you have been looking for your entire life.  Before you know it, things will change, because you have chosen to live well.
But what about living in a country with limited opportunity?  Work where you are in such a way as to create the opportunity for yourself.
Change the way in which you perceive your situation, act within your situation and make the choice to live well until it changes and you can live well in another set of circumstances.
Take Nelson Mandela as an example. Educated as a lawyer, but imprisoned for his beliefs for 27 years and then became President of his country 4 short years after being released.
We know from his writing and the testimony of many of his friends and colleague that he always had the right attitude and knew circumstances would change.  And they did.
And the attitude he had in prison is the same one he carried for the rest of his life.
How he did one thing, is how he did everything.
There are so many names I could mention, including Holocaust survivors like Viktor Frankl and Simon Wiesenthal who survived incredible deprivations with the right attitude.
So lets be honest here.  You only have one life, you may as well live it well.
So that it for this episode.  Thanks for listening.  I look forward to chatting with you again in the next episode.
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Thanks again for your time today and I look forward to chatting with you on the next episode where I will again share with you ideas, tips and tools to help you become the best version of yourself you could possibly be.
Have a great day.  And remember to be awesome today.
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