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in any economic environment

by putting a PREDICTABLE system in place.

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Audacious Growth Mapping 2.0

8-week intensive program for SMEs: Growth Mapping, Generate More Leads, Convert More Prospects To Paying Clients.

Audacious Growth Mapping 2.0 is an intensive 8 week business growth program for SMEs, looking to obtain a predictable system for acquiring new clients every month.  I will share with you my most effective tools, methods and tips for growing your business, finding and winning more clients and designing a strategic, long term plan which is sustainable in any economic environment.

The program materials are delivered via weekly 1-to-1 telephone/Skype calls, worksheets, videos, PDF’s and includes weekly action steps designed to generate leads, nurture long term relationships, and convert more prospects into paying, profitable clients.

Audacious Leadership

3 Tier Leadership Development Program: Become Influential, Respected, Effective & Easy To Follow.

Based on my book, Audacious Leadership, this program is designed to develop leadership skills that are bold, innovative, inventive and unconstrained by previous ideas.

Today’s business leaders need to be more adaptable, flexible and agile than their predecessors to cope with the rapidly changing and increasingly complex business environment. Business decisions are expected to be faster and collaborations are expected to be further reaching than ever before. Leaders need more ‘how’ and ‘why’ and less ‘what’ type training. Audacious Leadership is a modular program designed to progressively impart the knowledge and skills required to meet these needs.

“Vic personifies fresh and bold thinking.

He is perceptive and action oriented, providing a great deal of support and challenge in the build up to Beacon’s go-live date.

Vic has a great balance of positivity and impatience to help people thrive and push themselves further!”

Claire Oatway

Chief Operating Officer, Beacon Medical Group

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